Car Steering and Suspension

The reason you should have your car steering checked is faults in your steering and suspension effect handling and ride comfort, causing looseness in the steering wheel and body roll through corners.  Poor suspension can dramatically increase your stopping distance.


Car Steering

A car’s steering system works in such a way that a turn of the steering wheel will result in a relatively small correction of wheel direction to manoeuvre the vehicle.

Car Suspension

A car’s suspension is built to take care of road isolation, handling and cornering. These principles ensure your car maintains contact with the road at all times, handles well and is a comfortable ride.

If you experience the following when driving your car, it would be worthwhile having your car checked.

  • Vibrations or shudders especially from steering wheel or brake pedal
  • Diminished brake performance and takes longer to stop
  • Feels generally loose, and not quite right
  • Braking unevenly – for example pulling to one side under brakes
  • Uneven or excessive tyre wear
  • Excessive pulling to one side while driving
  • Steering wheel is off centre
  • Vehicles that carry excessive loads which places extra strain on components
  • Pre-towing or holiday/road trip inspection
  • Abnormal noises coming from front, rear and/or underneath the vehicle

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Car Suspension- The Oil Change Automotive

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