Car Transmission and Clutch – Repair

Whether you drive a manual or an automatic transmission car, it’s important to keep your car’s transmission running smoothly. Automatic transmissions need regular servicing to ensure maximum performance, economy and service life. The automatic transmission is one of the most sophisticated parts of your car.

We offer the following service around automatic transmission:

  • draining the transmission fluid,
  • removing and cleaning the oil pan,
  • inspecting fluid condition,
  • checking for leaks.

Car Clutches

If you experience the following when driving your car, it would be worthwhile having your car checked.

  • clutch slipping
  • clutch shudder
  • difficulty engaging a gears

We offer the following service around Clutch / manual transmission repairs:

  • Replacing the fluids and/or making minor adjustments.
  • Clutch replacements
  • Gearbox Service or replacement

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Car clutch - The Oil Change Automotive

What we offer:

  • Personalised service by the owner who works on your car
  • Local pickup and drop of for nearby residents/business
  • Great customer service by owner
  • Direct feedback with the mechanic who worked on your car
  • Experienced and qualified mechanic
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Short waiting time for bookings
  • Fair Pricing

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