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Brief History of the Mini

BMW bought the Mini brand as part of its purchase of the Rover Group in the mid-1990s (and subsequently retained it when selling Rover in 2000). At the time both Rover and BMW had ideas about what a new MINI should be, but it was American designer Frank Stephenson, working for BMW, whose concept was finally approved. The result was not a car bursting with original thinking in the same way the original Mini of Sir Alec Issigonis had done but was still easily charming enough to reinvent this classic brand for a modern audience.

Those first MINI hatchbacks, built in Cowley, Oxford, are much more compact than today’s offering, but at the time were still criticised by some for being bloated. Not that it mattered to buyers, who flocked to the new car, captivated by its retro styling (nods to the past included round headlights and an enormous central speedo) and the ability to personalise it to their precise requirements, which in turn created brand advocacy and drove profitability.

Mini also developed performance versions of the popular make including the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S. These turned out to also be successful rally and race cars.

BMW Mini Cooper Spare Parts Australia


We offer a great range of Mini Cooper parts.

We stock the following Mini Parts

  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • Service parts
  • Engine Mounts
  • Suspension bushes

BMW Mini Cooper Performance Australia

We also have a range of Mini Cooper performance parts we can provide to help spruce up your Mini Cooper.  An example of this is the mini cooper cold air intake.

We stock the following performance accessories:

  • Supercharger reduction pulleys
  • Cold air intakes
  • Intercooler upgrades
  • Performance sparkplugs

We provide parts for the following range of Mini’s

·      Mini Cooper R50 Spare Parts·      Mini Cooper R52 Spare Parts
·      Mini Cooper R53 Spare Parts·      Mini Cooper R56 Spare Parts


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